Decayed is my soul in this lonely room,
Frayed is what i call from my brain,
Decided grinning, Lingering, playing
But none have an affect of your love,
Do you dance, Do you eat, Do you think,
What is in it now because not dance , not eat , not think gives me joy,
Your lips when you painted them and referred them a dried lips,
I watched them innocently and wished to dry them back so you paint them back when i am there,
You smile, You face me , You wear those mascara and then that pink cloth when i saw you last,
I felt what i am loosing but yeah those memories are so strong that loosing you does not bring me down,
Why it happens that love is one sided,
Why it happens that everything falls down but my soul ask me to stand up again,
Yes I am decayed , My memories are decayed , My soul is decayed and My room is also decayed.

Deadly Virus

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