The issue of women wearing 'revealing clothes' has been a long-drawn debate, and an unnecessarily vague one.

How would one exactly define revealing clothes ? Is there a specific equation or quantity that gives clothes the status of 'revealing' ? Because the last time I checked, no girl or women calculated : “Area of Skin Show * (no.of stares + intensity of stares) = Amount of revealing” while shopping for her self.

A certain individual may position, a simple pair of jeans or a tee shirt under the title of 'revealing', while another individual might not even find a bikini exposing.

The basic question comes down to 'perspective'. Because the person who has an issue accepting anything alien in nature or which is out of his/her comfort zone, displays an example of the people who have an issue with the still , 'undefined' revealing forms of clothing. No matter how concealing they are.

When you come to think of it, technically a saree 'reveals' much more than a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, but our darling moral police would blindly vote for the saree.

Baffled,one may ask WHY ?

Very simply put, the concept of a Saree or a Salwar kameez is not alien to them. For generation after generation, they have watched their mothers and sisters adorning themselves in these oh-so-concealing ensembles.

The concept of westernisation is fairly new to our moral police. Again, let me remind all of you, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the notion of discomfort regarding a new culture.
But then why do they not once flinch while turning on the ignition of their imported cars ?
After all, aren’t they used to the centuries and decades old stories of bullock carts and manual labour ?

Apart from the hypocritical choice of clothing, the major reason for shunning revealing clothes is, the safety (more often read as 'honour') of a woman. This particular reason would have made a somewhat minuscule amount of sense if the child abuse toll wasn't rising higher than the Everest, if six year olds weren't getting raped in primary schools and the respectable , Indian-cultures women weren't victims of marital assaults.

Therefore, before you question the girl about her revealing clothes...Uncle, make sure YOUR mouth isn’t watering and Aunty that blouse of your beloved saree isn't showing too much of your midriff and back.

Prior to pointing a finger at someone, make sure YOUR skeletons are well hidden in the closet.

DECIDE the 'Equation Of Revealing' , ABIDE by it yourself, and then ASK "Should girls wear revealing clothes on the streets of India?"
You ask, Who should change ? I say, Nobody. No one has the right to ask another individual to change himself/herself.

But that does not really answer the 'What'...

You ask, What should change ? I say, The Reasoning. The Mindset. The Hypocrisy.

And very importantly an update in culture, because you don't once hesitate while updating your smart-phone’s software to watch an 'A' rated movie with a smoother streaming.

And all of these apply to both - Women and Men, sister and brother, mother and father, girl and boy.
Teach your daughters, self-esteem and courage. Teach your sons, perseverance and respect for fellow beings.

Misogyny and misandry will only take you so far as to give you the title of a revolutionary...but the revolution in actuality , will never follow.

Because Tagore had rightly said,

"Where the mind is without fear,and the head is held high,
Where Knowledge is free...
Where the mind is led forward by thee,
Into widening thought and action,
Into that heaven of freedom, my father , let my country awake."

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