well.. take the title literally.. im not talking about the people or the life.. im talking bout the weather..
i arrived at delhi yest and stepping off the train had to take a couple of staggering steps.. it was so fricking cold!!
i take my blackberry out to check the time and fumble with it cause i suddenly realise i cant feel my fingers!!
and im very ill equipped to deal with the cold as i realise as all i have on are shorts and a tshirt!! :P
people around me are looking at me in surprise as i step outta the station as im in short, thirt and chappals! the rest of the throng milling about are decked head to toe with only their faces showing as a confirmation that they;re human beings and not over stuffed dolls! :D
mufflers, scarves, sweaters, mitts, gloves, jackets.. im surprised that they can even walk with so much on!
so i jump into a cab and head home shivering all the way der!
im sure they were laughing at me as i was laughing at them.. probably saying look at that idiot.. thinks he's in goa!! :)
so now im writing this post as one of them.. i hav 4 pairs of clothing on me! :P
so i'll go to the station now and probably join the other folks laughing at the idiot who thought he could mess with the delhi cold!

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