Have you ever been in a city where everyone was partly demented??
Where everyone wants to go first at whatever thing.
Where the concept of patience hasn’t even begun to evolve in the minds of its inhabitants.
Where driving is more of a risk than living? (Well that’s most cities in India)
If you haven’t... you should visit Delhi.
It’s a city full of contradictions. A city that thrives on its contradictions.
Think of big open spaces... Delhi has plenty of them
Think of small tiny roads... Delhi has an abundance of those as well.
Think of over the top Punjabis... Delhi has no dearth in these.
Think of super traditional marwaris... Delhi is built on them.
Think of cold misty winters... that’s 3 months of Delhi
Think of hot burning summers... Delhi suffers that too.

Its inhabitants can be the most endearing and the most frustrating.
The sweetest or the cruelest people.
Life can be a dream here or a nightmare.

Above all... the people of Delhi are hilarious.

"Mere maalik' 'mere bhagwan' you'll hear from every mouth... and as soon as your back is turned?? Yea you got it...

This morning I was in the car with my cousin and we inadvertently broke a signal. By a hairs breadth. But we did break it. And on the other side standing like a sucked out fruit was a policeman.
He asked us to come over to the side gesturing feebly.
He asks for my cousin’s licence, my cousin refuses.
He calls his superior. We argue that we went in the yellow he keeps saying red.
In the end he says ok... give me your licence, i'll put the cause as running a yellow light in the challan.
We say thank you for bringing it to our notice that we weren’t supposed to run a yellow light, but please catch us next time for it.
And he agrees!! :P
the poor policemen of this wonderful city really can’t charge anyone for anything as there is such an abundance of MLA's MP's and other ranking officers that someone somewhere always knows someone. So no one ever gets a challan!

Ramming your car into someone else’s and walking off with a 'sorry, brake nahi lagi'
To coming to fists if someone cut into your lane the wrong way.

Having hot showers in the summer to having ice-creams in the freezing winters

This city is the epitome of contradictions.
But as all contradictions go.
Love it... Hate it...
You live in it.

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