Lets begun ,
It is a recipe without Eggs, Maida(very finely grounded wheat, Sugar, Baking Powder and other essence used,


1-Biscuits (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry any u want to I used chocolate only)
2-Paste of Bournvita and Everyday Milk Powder (along with water make a liquid batter of it)
3-Melted chocolate used for decorating.
4-Gems chocolate and cad bury shots.

It is very simple to prepare so lets begun with it;
U should have 5 to 10 packets of biscuits they can be the chocolate vanilla or normally any kind of u can use the flavor u like, I like the chocolate one so i used bourbon, dark fantasy, hide and seek and others,
Just crushed them all first into small pieces all solid are reduced to a state of fine, loose particles by crushing, grinding, it as per u want .I just fill it inside a paper bag n beat it with roller
when it is done transfer it into a bowl where u have to mold it.
Now using the batter mixture of bournvita and milk powder mold the biscuit flour
as u usually mold the flour for chapatis,
When it is done u can take the excess oil coming from that out by using the butter paper or napkins by spreading the mixture over the napkins.
When it is done take the nice beautiful bowl or box u want, place the mixture in it.
Spread the coca powder in it n spread Ur mold mixture in it u can place it in 2 parts or can do that in single step also, can add solid chocolates inside it if u want, now melt chocolate n spread at the top even u can place the crushed chocolates u can use gems, Cad bury shots to decorate it at top,
Then u can keep it in oven if u want to have it hot but i prefer it cool as i liked it that way.
U can have it the way u want.
U can store it in refrigerators and can consume it in 2 or 3 days.

So, the biscuit cake is ready any one can eat it old or young vegetarians/non-veg it is cool n easy...

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