A student who scores 10 points on paper is intelligent and a student who scores 7 points is average....we appreciate the results.....party when our ward scores 9 or 10....but we fail to recognise the efforts that a student has put to score those 10 or 9 or 8........students of grade 5 and 6 are committing suicide why??....it's not because they have got less marks or scores it's because their very own parents fail to recognise their children  efforts....students of grade 9 and 10 take anti depression medication why???.because they have to maintain standards ...not because scoring less has no future to them but their loved ones fail to take a moment of their lives and appreciate the efforts put but think their ward is average or below that just by the scores.....
Comparison is what makes people enter into the globe of depression which has no end nor u find a path out of it 
Depression is oppression.
It's a deadly hidden message
Defined by self-hate.
It seals in such a way that 
it holds you captive and throws out the key.
It stabs and jabs just to see you bleed,
The wounds are sooo deep that scar are  for life.
It might sound funny but yet it is true :
Destruction is its mother and death its wife.
You can cry, but it will always ignore your screams.
It terrorizes your soul and haunts your dreams.
It sends you false hope through a bottle or pill.
It destroys your goals and inflicts its will.
You can't run, nor can you hide.
By its rules you will abide.
Open Ur eyes , or u will be its prey . 
It will blur Ur vision in the most wiredest and twisted way .
It will seek Ur destruction , u may lie and wait but never rest in bed .
If comparison is one thing which send u into depression ,  being left out alone is the key factor to it . as they say pain is not just measured by tears abt also the smile we fake .
The darkness of being alone haunts u day and night . as u stand on the bridge between the crowded and being left out alone , their is silence and fear . if I walk out from the crowd will people notice me ? ? Is the haunting question which runs in each and every mind .
Hence depression is not just word , its a mixture of emotions - love , care , comparison , loneliness , friends , status , grades , first , second , failure and the list goes on and on .
People now wear a mask as the walk out of the home , people wear mask when they are with family , people wear mask when they stand in front of the mirror , because they r scared , self hate due to the rules and regulations of this world . 
Encourage people to open up , 
Talk freely not influenced by what others think , encourage them to explore there own self .
Remove the mask set urself free ... 
One life , live it lively rather than just being alive .
Let Ur child do what he or she wishes to do . , instead of what u think is good for the society ... 
Ur child is Ur responsibility , nurture them with love and care not with rules and regulations of this world .
" souls are pure , let them not be haunted by the dark clouds of depression which turn into tears of loneliness .
Let the soul be as pure as possible like the shine of sun and moon "

Thank you 

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