Transcript of messages, unedited. Names have been changed to save the "Innocent".

Me: Hope you get laid soon. :)

HateMaster: Hope I get married soon. :)

Me: Yeah, whichever happens first. :)

HateMaster: Marriage is the only option. :)
Rest is illegal sex.

Me: Immoral for you maybe? Illegal, definitely not. :)
Life snatches away options and replaces them with unlikable ones.

HateMaster: For you premarital sex is okay?

HateMaster: Immoral is illegal.

Me: Yeah it is, I might not practice it, but it is not immoral or illegal for me. And immoral is not illegal. Because something such as throwing rubbish on the road might be illegal somewhere but it might not be immoral for every person.

HateMaster: Would you marry a girl who already had sex?

Me: Yeah I would. The virginity of a girl surprisingly doesnt changes the love I would have for her. And if she chose to tell me about it herself, I would take that as an example of integrity.

HateMaster: Or may be someone 2 days pregnant?

Me: As long as she didnt cheat on me i.e I just met her one day ago.

HateMaster: You mean you won't have any problem if she's already pregnant with someone else (and she too doesn't know it, as she is merely 2 days pregnant)?

Me: As long as she didn't have sex with someone else while I was engaged or in a relationship with her.

HateMaster: So you won't mind giving the child your name? Even if his features are obviously different than yours? :P

Me: Yeah why not. Infact if it would be possible I would rather adopt a child than have a biological one. Too many abandoned children. :|

HateMaster: Then equally, it shouldn't worry you if you suddenly come to discover that your father is not the actual father, that you are actually an illegitimate child of your mother's affair with someone else? :)

Me: Yeah it wouldn't, I would love my mother the same and maybe even more for accepting me.

HateMaster: Even if it were your mother who cheated on her original lover rather thaan vice-versa?

Me: With the type of person she is, I would probably forgive her.

HateMaster: What personality? Cheating her ex-lover? :)

Me: Nothing is ever black and white, you can't judge a person by just one aspect of their personality. Just because she cheated doesn't means that she is a cruel, evil person.

HateMaster: So you won't feel bad either, if your wife cheats on you and has sex with say..your best friend?

Me: Cheating is something I do not appreciate. Fan of honesty and all.

Me: I would part ways with her cause I won't be able to live with that.

Me: My wife cheating on me and my mother cheating on my father are two totally different cases. I wouldn't lets say keep my children away from my wife just because she cheated on me.

P.S. I am a girl.

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