What is meaning of destructive emotions? If you ever asked yourself this question, you could see how simple and complex in the same time it can be. In a nutshell : destructive is emotion, which leads to imbalance in our energetic, mental and physical body, for a short or long period of time. Also 2. destructive emotion arises from existing energy imbalance and unsolved inner problems.
__ here again as in many places in my writings I speak about “imbalances”. That is important to remember.
We have many types of destructive emotions, and all of them will bring harm to the physical body or are particular threat to the individual, who experience them. I make a list below for some of more prominent and damaging black emotions:

a) Hatred
b) Malice
c) Envy
d) Jealousy
e) Anger
f) Resentment
g) Frustration
h) Depressions
i) Anxiety
j) Aggression
k) Greed
l) Gluttony
m) Lust
n) Laziness
o) Fear

In my other writings I said already, that fear is one of the basic destructive emotions, which can cause chain effect and be followed by many more. Fear of failure, fear of losing someone/ something, fear to be left alone, is one of the essential and dominant fears in the human nature. For any poison we have an antidote, even if we don’t know it. The same is for these down feelings, which we experience as part of our life-journey. For fear the antidote is hope, trust, self-love. But how to implement this antidote in reality?
After we already have a wrong pattern in minds, we are programmed to think is such way, as its convenient for the society we live in, this healing process wont be easy and requires time.

But I want to explain here something very simple. These emotions, most of them don’t appear from nothing, or just without a background. They all have roots. Mostly they look like fire, which burst out and its not easy to be extinguished, if we don’t see it on time. So the time matters and times means tiny part of seconds. As the fire in order to appear needs a fuel and a spark, the same way the negative emotion needs fuel – a cause and spark – our lost control, lack of emotional hygiene, imbalances. So the controlling of fire, before it gets bigger with many flame, or explosion, is of great importance for us. What we need to know is the statement: All we have inner ability to control our emotions and hold on, stop our destructive emotions. But we didn’t develop this ability until now, and we seem to not know the ways, how to do that.
The good news is, there is a way out! The control of negative emotions, hindering our good health in all levels, is the key to overcome them. That means one: we need to not only know what means control” as word, but to practically implement it in our life. How this can happen?
Ok, let me give you very simple example. Imagine you are overweight, have bloating in the belly and want to lose weight and feel much more healthy, moreover you want to look nice and attractive in dress or suit. What you`ll do? If you are serious enough , which means willing and conscious about your decision, will you continue to eat double portions and indulge in all kind of foods, sweets and bakery? No, of course, you`ll put yourself in a diet, make a strict rules, and follow them step by step, which requires time, efforts, and will increase your courage and strength. Finally you`ll see yourself fit. But one more thing. It may not be enough only to quit some food in your daily regime, but you should also start some basic training – yoga, go to gym, exercise, make stretches, feel your body sweat. What is that mean? The exercises shows you are a strong person, and have strong willing and determination to follow your decision. Yes, you can occasionally fall out of that, and go in trap to eat some chocolate biscuits or ice cream, but them you ll be on the track again! Until your success is obvious and you feel satisfied from your achievement.
I want to ask you now, what do you think requires such action? In order to succeed? It is exactly: a) conscious decision, b) determination c) willing d) hope and believe in the future best results, e) courage f) conscious efforts in form of training.

I think this is clear enough, and you can add any more to it. Now lets go to our first question about the “control”. What to do ,in order to achieve control of “emotions”? and here I mean the negative emotions. Answer: all these rules, above, are absolutely valid also for control of emotions. How this will look like?
First you need to acknowledge the existence of problem in you: maybe you have uncontrolled anger, which affects on you emotionally and on others around you. Maybe you have problem with frustration with unexpected things. You should realize that as a beginning. Then you need to work on it in the way of “weight loss”, by training, your mental and energy body for new kind of reaction. A) you want to have conscious decision to get rid of that emotion, b) you have determination for that, willing, you believe and hope for future results, and final step is making conscious efforts in form of training.
We have to know the following, which seems to not be revealed to us after we are born: we can train and control not only our body, but also our mind, heart, emotions, and all in energy level. Moreover from these higher, and invisible energy levels comes the most important solutions to our problems in physical world. So about emotions. Make efforts and make daily mental trainings.
If you have uncontrolled anger, put aim to hold it and throw it back to air”, try to not let it inside of your physical body, and let it go quickly. For example, you usually start to make fight, shout and your face becomes red, your blood pr. Increases, and you cant stop yourself to continue. When anything challenging happens to you, 1. put as an aim to react in a much different way; put as aim to not burst in flames quickly. That wont be easy at first! You need to try, and its like mental games. For everyone these mental energy games are different. But you can – say some fast affirmation or healing words (like mantra, short prayer, short words which are specially for you, and not offensive of course).
You can try also – counting method, method of energy color and light encircling, holding a stone, or imagining that we live in illusion and you are part of it. All that can help you is effective. One more thing about control we should say here:
Control doesn’t means holding inside your anger, but letting it go “away from you”. Its process like evaporation of a gas. Acknowledge, make yourself distant from your body, and make yourself look from “above” the way angels see you. Then observe your reaction. This wont happen at once, but gradually. Have it in mind and try it…and it will work, if you try many times! Many methods of control are available to us now, even we just now discover the “water” and start to be amazed.

Any feeling which is hindering you from joy and happiness is negative or destructive and can lead to illness of body. Read more, know more, practice more. By regular meditation and exercises many things can be avoided. The antidote for any heavy feeling is 1. control and 2. inviting and embracing the opposite feeling of it. If you feel angry, u are obsessed by an issue which becomes dominant in the situation and by event. Feel carefree, and look from another point of view. See world in different way, be an observer, not participant. In this way you`ll leave the stage for short time, see yourself and others, without judging, and then return safe.
The remedy for hatred, malice, resentment, envy, jealousy, mischief, depression, frustration, lust …are opposite feelings of light__ unconditional love, joy, compassion, hope, trust in others, believe in yourself, believe in universal harmony, release fears, release pain, smile, laugh, find the way of opposite.
I can write more and more about all that feelings, but remember the feeling and the way to overcome and heal are unique, individual for everyone. So you should find your own way to do that, when you already know: you are not perfect, but you are loved!

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