How I got in to this business is not a big thing to know. I am not a damn Bill Gates that people would be interested in knowing what the hell I am up to or how I got in to this business.
Today was my first day…
I woke up after Meera, the head dealer women splashed hot water on my face. I was asked to finish my basics so that I would be ready. Day here just does not mean the day, it means night. I am sleepy but still I have to. Otherwise she is going to trash me. Anyways that’s not the point. The water here is literally cold, I mean very cold. It sends shiver out of the whole. I feel sleepy, I also feel like seeing my mom. My brother, I hope he is going to school regularly.
Meera calls me and straights my hair and adjusts my clothes and makes sure that a little cleavage is visible. I am tired but I have to do this. She makes me stand near the pan shop of the kheda. After an hour a middle aged man stops by and takes me to the kotha. These are very tiny rooms but somehow one has to adjust.
He puffs his cigar rete, he looks old. He makes me lie on the bed. Pinches them on me, I scream but he covers my mouth. He says,” I like it hard.” He asks me to address as SIR, I feel numb. I do as he as he says for now he is the master. He seems like a monster, a psychopath. He is slow but hard. He thrusts bad, it pains literally. He is not giving a hole about me. He is keeping on, going on thrusting. I try hard not to scream. But the pain is unbearable.
He likes it hard, I remember. I lie there, I don’t make move, for there is no shame, I am nude. He throws a small bundle over me and then he leaves.
Meera brings food, and takes the bundle and gives me two hundred. “It was Very good for the first time.” She says.
Now I think I should get addicted to this, I have options but I don’t think those will pay me much:-

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