My life.
Consisted of my family. My mother ,father grandfather, grandmother . MY two little sisters. We were living in a thatched roof hutment . I am a son of a tribal man. We are a tribal community. I had not seen a car till i was 16. I had not traveled by train. There were no taps in my house. Me and my mother used to fill water from a nearby pond. When i saw the bottle of Bisleri , that water seemed like sewage. But we drank , bathed ,washed and did all the house chores with it.

There was a school nearby . They taught us all kinds of alphabets and Hindi ShabdKosh. My father never went to school . So he ensures i and my sisters go everyday. Though they have to stay back sometimes. But they are ok with it.

I had grown up hearing of my limited future opportunites. My destiny had been decided when I was born in that far off district in eastern India. My father wanted otherwise. He was a thinker and dreamer. He still is. My mother supported him . MY sisters sincere and hard workers. But destiny had other plans.

Now i know what god was thinking before sending this storm. Maybe this was a bigger plan of his. They came with big promises . With big gifts. They wanted something i always suspected . They spoke sweet words. Our trials would go away .Our tribulations would end. They seemed khadi clad angels with beautiful faces. The child in me wanted to look as clean and healthy as them . A promise of a bright and prosperous future awaited , i just had to grab it.

My father with his limited education signed it. Or that was what they told him . But he went with the thumb print . The paper was crisp with a big 100 and three faces of lions in green printed on top. That was the first time i had seen such a big note of 100 (being never seen a Rs. 100 note actually). The lions fascinated me. But those lions were farce . The real ones were ready to bite us which would change everything.
I had never seen a car . But never thought the first i would see would come to mow me down. It quite did not seem like the car i had imagined. Later i would know i was right. It wasn't a car.

There could have been a 100 people. But two among them were sahab like. They gave the orders. Everything was chaos. There was dust all round so i went blind for a few minutes. Between all the wailing and crying it went swiftly from confusion to panic to terror.
They mowed down my house ,and the house beside me and the house beside it and so on . In a matter of minutes they had cleaned up the whole colony .The homes and our belongings were in shambles.My parents and siblings managed to get out in time. We lost most of our belongings and manged to take a few important precious things.

We had to go away. Away to somewhere .Where could we go? ..nowhere. with a big family and children .. we had live in temple which they had spared. Nostalgia struck me. The home and community which had existed since centuries had withered away in a Pseudo storm. I started to hate cars. Car that broke my house. We were left homeless and to fend for ourselves.With no money and any relative to go to our futures were uncertain.


I live in New Delhi. My name is ..oh you know. I have a mother ,father and two sisters. My family is living in vasant kunj . But it is a small house and we are planning to buy a new one . My father is getting posted in a district in some eastern Indian village. He is to work in a mining project that has been started there. My teacher told me about some terrorist activity about the villagers who were attacking the company and government. She called them .um..yes .Naxalites. I read it in the newspaper .Yes i read the newspaper everyday. Bloody village terrorists .Threatening the project of mining bauxite . Stupid people. My father is posted as a executive manager now. And we are to live there too . They say it's beautiful there. I am enthused at hearing this. From the residential complex we can see a POND that was a little dirty but they have built a park for the company employees children around it. A school and a university are coming up. Oh ..papa told me all about it. It's been discussed everyday. I am going to Gurgaon for shopping to get ready for there. I am so fused with euphoria.I am ecstatic.


PS.:These two are two different families.

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