Love is depression,
Love is dagger,
Love is betrayal,
Why Love?

Some choose to play,
Some choose to relieve the previous pain,
Some choose for making it a prank,
Some say to get a new flock,

I want to say them
choose as you want
because most of the girl betrays,
I read one confession today
thought to say something to her
but no its not me who is going to change her destiny
Because most of the girl fall in love to have sex
and then find a new one and thats very common for them,
They call them thats jawaani,
thats why they have found a new deewani,

Its very easy for some ,
thats why people call them bitch,
But why me you choose,
to know how many boyfriends you have,

For all the girls who have only determination to have sex,
please don't find love because you are not worth to have even one,
Fuck this world fuck this world.

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