The title here is not related to this post whatsoever!...Its just that one of my friends showed me his black hat and asked me this same question and well we all know how important friends are in our lives and how much they affect our everyday actions...and moreover this is a platform where we can write anything we like, think and so....

Well this post is about Writer babu- a new social networking blogging site and that too started by a dear friend. I want to not only extend my appreciation for his efforts but also wish him luck for grand success of his endeavor. This is not something everyone can do, not everyone can come with such an requires a mind of a genius. The specialty of this idea is that it not only provides you with a platform for writing but writing freely and expressing yourself as you are and as you think, with no fear of people judging you. What I believe is that everyone has something or the other to share with people, and some things in particular are difficult to be told to others directly because you fear they will judge you. Everyone have their own ideas, thoughts and opinions but what happens in a group of people is that you tend to go with the majority and thus sometimes your opinion remains unvoiced. Well for starters this platform is serving us with ideas in general about life, love, happiness, incidents, poems, stories etc. but this is just the beginning. There is more to writer babu than just this. We can discuss issues here- social, political, sports, and may be more specific to our lives- college, job etc. And not only we just specify about a problem- personal or public, we can voice our OPINIONS, without being judged!
With time to come, I think and believe that Writer Babu has heights to reach. I believe 'Srijan' requires our support, friends!
So keep posting and let him know what else can be improved!

Love Life and Live Love!

P.S. a suggestion here, Srijan...what about posting videos?...Are you thinking of enabling this feature?...You can give it a thought.

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