I was just sitting in my room and was doing just nothing. Suddenly some sort of noise start coming from the neighborhood. I listened carefully. It was a song. I have never heard of it. But it seemed familiar. The caretaker of that house was playing a song on his mobile phone.

Initially I was a bit irritated by the noise and was cursing him for why do people listen to such bad bad music. But giving a second thought i noticed a something which I have never thought about so deeply ever. We notice the genre of music we like is mostly dependent on the lifestyle we have.

Similar people always like similar songs. Pick up any rikshaw wala and ask his favourite song, you won't be able to differentiate between all those songs. Similarly if a rikshaw wala is doing the same survey over college students he won't be able to differentiate between the songs. All of them will be same for him.

Music has a very deep connection with our life, we like the music only which we are able to connect, either in terms of lyrics or the feelings it arouse within by its tempo and variation of notes. Music is powerful. It can change our mood instantaneously if we connect to it. Some music we connect with in the first time itself without any effort, while others need time, and some we don't connect with at all.

Everyone has a different music of life. Realization!!! ..

Which song are you listening these days ?

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