Statuary Warning: Before you read this piece make sure that you have open mind and accept criticism. You need to read and analyse the writer's view point before making an assumption about the piece. This is not a research work but a work of personal's experience.

We live in a world where a parent has the full right to scold a kid or shout at him/her when they are not in good mood but similar thing from a kid is not expected. We live in a world where a parent has a right to disbelief their children but a child has no right to do that. We live in a world where being a parent gives you authority to behave as you want with your kids but not expecting the same from your kid.

By now, you might have made an assumption and must be wondering how can I blame parents when they are not at all at fault. But think for a moment. A kid is close to you since childhood. He/she observes you since childhood. He grows up looking at you. When you come home from work and take out your frustration on him/her, and later make him or her understand that you take out your anger on your loved ones, he or she would do the same thing when they are grown up and have some bad day in office.

When they start working, they also go through bad times. When they come back home they certainly try to keep that frustration away since they don't want to take that out on you. But when you trigger that and they say it, you feel bad. To add on to this, when you say that after doing so many thing, giving them good education, and fulfilling their wishes when they have to listen to them shout at you, you don't help but make them feel bad and depressed.

When you shouted at them and expected them to understand you, they expect the same from you. Sadly, parents act otherwise. You need to understand that just because your children take out their frustration and anger on you doesn't mean they hate you or don't respect you; just like you. You don't realise but these behaviour of yours may actually push your kid away from you, which certainly you don't want.

My request to parents, who are reading this, if you wish your kids to behave with you in a certain way, you behave with them the same way. Also, if they ever get angry or shout at you, don't take that to your ego and try to understand them and their mindset at that point. This would help you strengthen your relationship with them.

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