As people we struggle at times with regrets of things that happen in our life.
At times it makes us feel like hope or comfort will never return, dwelling on
unchangeable's, failures, weaknesses, the list could go on and on.

I say these words because of times I've lived it seems many of those emotions I
have indulged in. Not by choice, but I believe of my human nature, or maybe its
just a weakness. Maybe just apart of life.

Its been said many times its not how many times we fail, it only matters if we get
up and try one more time than we have been in what we classify as a failure.

If you have ever breathed a breath of life, you yourself have had, times as I say.

Time heals all things of our hearts, minds, body, and our souls. Some just take
longer to complete.
There are things in life, like losing a loved one, fighting in a war, killing others,
hurting others, and others damaging you, that will impact your life until your last

Things you will never forget, and I say never should you. But time will make it
easier to bear as mother time heals our heart and soul.

Never give up on being happy. Never give up on yourself.

Just some words of thought.


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