Eat some chips, shake your hips
record playing with minor blip

Swing your hands, lights are dim
leggy lass dances beautiful prim

Disco lights red and white
blinking non-stop rotate left-right

Girls and boys dancing mad
Head bangs and swinging hair
Some are drunk, falling down
Blasting speakers scream deafening sound

Music blared, cigarettes flared
slumped on couch no one cared
Drug addicts weed stash blew
meth crystal -beautiful blue

Smoky white hazy air
ambiance said come in pair

Hippies with long hair and eyes;
covered with sunglasses bright

Bling-Bling girl's dress, spirits unmarred
kissing her boy in the car

Dancing girls with pouty lips
giving lap dance and asking for tips

Smoke screen covered Disco stood;
covered, concealed like head in a hood

Tags: Poem, Fun, Part, Drugs

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