There are still some nations
Who have this black and white fashion
They judge us by our skin colour,
And call it racial discrimination.

When god first designed you,
It was his choice of color…
With which he assigned you.

He made this world colorful
So that it looks beautiful
But then….who are you mr.human?
To start this business of racial discrimination?

Black breathe the same as whites
Blacks eat the same as whites
Blacks wear the same as whites
Black also live a life

And they ask for nothing more,
Than just a bit of respect.
Hope you can give that for sure!
Just like from your young ones you expect

Because…wake up people!
And spread love,respect and fun.
Stop this racial discrimination
And let the blacks also live a free life just like your one!

There are many blacks who still don’t receive this
So let humanity wake up!
And leave this black and white fake up….!

Tags: Philosophy

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