“Sorry, we are too far.”
I am used to this reply. No matter whom I send this message, this is the reply I receive from maximum people. I remember writing ‘distance doesn’t matter’ once, but I think I was totally wrong on that. In today’s world, distance in miles is important than the distance of hearts.

Being queer is the tough part. You need to stand up for yourself and safeguard your feeling from the cruel society and their norms. You need to be mentally strong and financially stable to stand tall with dignity. In this quest to live a life with respect, you have to find a companion for yourself. Out of all, finding a companion is the toughest part of a queer’s life (is what I think). For once you can stand tall against society and family alone, but while moving ahead on the path of life, you need someone to witness your life closely and support you unconditionally.

My friends, who know about my sexuality, often question me how come I am still single and didn’t had an affair of any kind. I easily pass that question saying that I didn’t get the ‘one’. For me, it’s hard to explain them the nuisance of finding the ‘right one’. I am a member in almost most of the social networking sites for queer community. Out of those, I am active in a couple of them. In those couple of websites, to whom ever I send the message to connect, maximum see the physical distance between us.

Firstly, the number of people who are looking for genuine relationship is less. Out of those less numbers, people are looking for those who are handsome, ‘straight-acting’, smart, with great body, and other similar requirements. Remaining ones, who are actually looking for a good heart, are looking for someone who is staying in their locality, even the same city won’t do.

I have tried to interact with many people from different part of the city, nation, and world. Every time I send a message, I get a same reply, ‘Sorry, we are too far.’ It is totally understood when I get the message from a person from different city. However, I fail to understand when a person from the same city sends me this message. It took me time to realise that distance matters a lot when you’re trying to connect with someone in queer community. People pay attention to this so much that sometime they reduce the possibility of finding the right one.

Today, I understood that if you want to find a partner of life, then you should look for the one in your own locality or in your city. If you hope that someone from different city or country will be interested to connect with you, then you’re absolutely wrong.

(This is writer's personal view and has nothing to do with any society or community.)

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