"Good morning my lolo" This is the first sentence I would like to hear from your mouth every morning till my last day of life.
I wish you could serve me breakfast in bed and watch me sleep to waking.
Waking up with you beside me, and not only in thoughts.
Your presence is felt here bubu, but it is painful.
What comforts me
is knowing that we're under the same sky, we are bathed in the light of the same stars, and that if you look up, there is the possibility of looking at the same place as me.
Honey you complete me, you guide me, you bring peace to me and, makes me want your presence every day more.

I really didnt know and was unaware that the distance was capable of increasing the love between two people.
I used thought that it only eliminated the feelings.
But what I feel for you, has just surpassed the basis of what I knew of love baby.
It is much more than love.

You are the love of my life, the one with whom I want to share my every moment,every happiness and every detail. It is just impossible and scary not to think of a life beside you , with you physically.

This distance between both of us is not even close to being a obstacle, although it is uncomfortable, but it helps out my love for you to grow every day much more.
You do well, brings me peace, bring me life.
I will only ask you one thing my love.
Whenever you miss me, whenever you miss my presence just look at the sky, remember that we are together beneath it and that one day don't have to look at the sky anymore to feel together.

I know one day we will be under one roof on the same bed and we no longer have to imagine things ,
I know one day I will be able to whisper in your ear "I love you bubu" and let you sleep on my lap, after a tiring day.
I know the wait is worth it.
We are worth it.
And then I can kiss you and say "goodnight my love" and just lie down beside you and wait for another sunrise. And make it to the last day of my life...

Love you baby I love you.


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