"Had he been in the same city, I guess we wouldn't have broken up"

I listened to her as she narrated her story. With numb eyes fixated down on something random. She looked disturbed, her scars came afresh. After a few moments of silence, she looked up at me. Her eyes were red and moist, she powerless. And broken.

"So that's my story. That's how love happened to me", she said faking a smile.

Annie used to be one of those charming girls in class who cared less about the troublesome world around. And we were meeting after twelve years. Things had pretty much changed everything about this carefree charismatic girl that she used to be. Three years of a serious romantic relationship and a heart-crunching break-up. Life made every effort to bring her down.

"Things were good and up. We used to go movies together, and then street food...Oh I loved those days! But then he moved to Chennai. The longing to see him was killing me. The urge to have him around, to hug him after a long day was too much to resist. Minutes turned to days. I remember there were days when we got so busy with life that we couldn't spare even 2 minutes for each other. I was upset. Things started to fall apart gradually. He came to meet me to make-up things for good. But that was too late I guess. I had lost the feeling. He knew it was not working. I knew it was not working. And then suddenly I blocked his contact in my phone. I wanted to grab some peace, some life. Life seemed so tough without him that I tried to end it. You won't believe my parents even took me to one of those psychiatrists! That did no help, though. I tried slitting my wrist, jumping from the seventh floor of my college and every other way to end this trauma."

She was shivering by now. I took her hand in mine. Her fingers were trembling. I wanted to comfort her but didn't know how.

"It's almost five years now. Some days, esp after a long tiring day at office when I reach my place, take a cold shower and look myself in the mirror, I find him gazing into my eyes. I see his reflection in my eyes. I should have spoken to him and tried to sort out things. I should not have given up. I feel I screwed it up. I feel guilty at times. Not everyday, just on some random days."

She smiled as she wiped her eyes. I had seen her as a little kid, sweet and charming and jolly. I was seeing a matured lady now.
They say love transforms you in ways you never expect. True.

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