India is the longest unbroken surviving
culture in the world.It has the best kind
of natural and manpower resources.
But The Development has not been commensurate
with our resources .It is mainly because
we could not tap our resources giving
importance to our age old traditions ,
but we try to immitate West without giving
importance to the Indian Ethos.

We mention here some ancient Indian Ethos.

Leader is expected to show Impersonal Love
So that his decision are not polluted with bais.
He is also expected to renounce Ego.

Practicing Self-Control helps in conservation
of psychological and physical energies.

To improve the excellence of Team Work
It is important to recognise the need
to cultivate the social emotions :

Maitri Bhavana (Friendliness towards the happy ),
instead of getting jealous.This will maintain
cohesion within team member.

Karuna Bhavana ( Compassion towards the unhappy )
is an effort to identify with the sorrow and
unhappiness of a team member.

Mudita Bhavana (Delight in the virtuous)
sensitise one's mind to acknowledge and
appreciate a team member's excellence.

Upeksha Bhavana (forbearance regarding the wicked)
towards a team member.

There should be a healthy acceptance of hierarchy
in the Organisation .

Elders 's primary role is of duty and sacrifice
And younger members should show respect
and loyalty towards the elders n seniors.

Obedience is usually misinterpreted as lack
of freedom but it cannot be denied that
a team will lack synergy in absence of
common set behavior among the followers.

A Senior should not remember that he is the Senior.
A Junior should not forget that he is the junior.

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