I often think why we humans were put in this world. Is it for working hard, earning money, being happy, categorizing everything, and dying some day? Or is there any special motive behind our existence? 


Yesterday night I was travelling from the office entrance to my place in a metro transport bus. As the frequency of this bus had been decreased due to what I don't know, it was overcrowded already. Nearly 20 of us got into the bus through great difficulty. 

Result - most of the people were standing on the footboard, holding someone's bag, a pole, a chair-end, something to ensure they don't fall out of the bus ....

Meantime, the bus conductor came, whistled the driver to stop, and pushed one of the passengers on the footboard and scolded him in the local language to get out of the bus. 

The passenger told him in english language "Talk properly", because he did not know the local language. 

Over the fire that slowly gained intensity through the hurling of abuses from both sides, some others came charging at the passenger, took him out of the bus, and abused him in local language and hit him right there. This hitting went on for good 5 minutes. I feel they were enjoying hitting him. He was hit badly on his head, face and legs. Some even tried to hit him with their legs ... 

He ran away ... 

To you it might seem a trivial issue which happens everywhere, right ?

Everyone there was talking about how well they had hit the guy. 

He was hit bad. He will start having a negative perception towards a particular creed. That impression which was well-etched by these animalistic people will never ever fade in his mind. He will never forget it. It might lead to other issues in his lives and in others' lives. 

Can you listen to me ? Never hurt anyone. Physically, mentally or spiritually. You think the physical is the most painful, yes, to that person who is hurt. But to the person that hit, the reaction of spiritually hurting a person will be the most dangerous. 

He had his breakfast, and his mother, all sweating due to the heat of the kitchen, tried drying her hands by the dress she was wearing, only to make sure his dress was not blemished. Such was her love for him. But he was not at all prepared to go to school. He was afraid. "Mummy, I don't want to go. They will ..." 

Before trying to judge the situation as to who was right and who was wrong (which I am sure you will try to in the comments that might follow, and because you are the JUDGE now, right ? ) and before thinking whether I properly depicted the situation which occurred there (which I never can, because if you were right in my place at that time, you would have got the feeling as if you were being hit hard by animals ! ), take a moment, and think ... 

Were you brought into this world to categorize man-woman, good-bad, extrovert-introvert, cheap-respected, country X- country Y, language A-language-B, State C-State D, draw lines over this earth to say "THIS IS YOURS", "THIS IS MINE", hit anyone you like just because you have a group of animalistic non-acquaintances and he is alone and without company, say and support unauthoritative unintelligent and utterly baseless conclusions about what YOU think as a particular set of people (which you have categorized according to name, language, place, face cuts, time, gender, caste, etc..), laugh on people because you think you need to be happy no matter what the other person thinks ?

He was sitting on the bench. A boy hit him on his head from the back. They wrote bad words at the back of his shirt. 
He was hit, teased, humiliated in the recess time. 

Why are you so afraid of losing your tags ? Why are you so determined to protect your tags ? 
The tags of a particular language, a particular state, a particular caste, creed, company, sense-of-humor, external beauty, dwelling place, same color phone, habits ... ? 

You have so many tags ... Don't you feel burdened with all of them ? If I am born in India, am I an Indian ? What is India ? a collection of land, whose lines YOU HAVE DRAWN. Why did you draw lines ? To say THIS IS YOURS and THIS IS MINE ? 
Why are you so selfish ? 
If I am born in Mars, am I a Martian? What is Mars ? A planet YOU have categorized and separated. If I am not yet born, am I already tagged to a particular religion ? If I get selected in a company, will you judge me according to the majority of that company ? Will you listen to unauthoritative baseless conclusions about me, about a company, a caste, a creed, a gender, a something, and believe in them ? Do you always believe in what others say ? Do you have no indigenous thoughts ? Did you ever try to think whether your thoughts, words and actions are as intelligent and genuine as the so-called-and-judged qualification you have ? 

Are you always in the crowd ? Are you afraid to come out of YOUR 'categorized' 'DIVIDEd' crowd ? 

He was badly hit in the stomach. He could not bear it. Still he managed to hide it from his mother. He was just 8 years old ... 

Why do you judge me ? 
Why do you tag me ? 
Why do you divide me ? 
Why do you separate me ? 
Who did all these categorizations ? YOU. 
Who hit him ? YOU. 
Who abused him ? YOU. 
Who enjoyed it and who discussed about how well he was hit ? YOU. 

Do YOU have my attention now ? 

He smiled with tears as his mother fed him hot bread. She was everything for him. He had no one but her. It was as if he wanted to forget all that this world was doing to him, and just, just die in his mother's lap, the best place for all refuge. 

I am not an Indian. I am not a man. I am not a woman. I am not a dog. I am not a cat. I am not XYZ religious, I am not ABC language-ian, I am not X-caste. 


I am a spirit soul, you are a spirit soul. Try to understand this. I do not have any enmity towards you. I wish to live freely, express myself without tagging, because tags are restricted only to THIS BODY. They can never even touch me. 

Don't boast about your language, you state, your caste, your company, your country, you everything ... Because all of them are NOT YOURS. NOT MINE. Understand this. You are just an insignificant person in this universe trying to be busy by working hard and earning a paper note which you trade for feeding YOURself, YOUR family, YOUR friends, take care of YOUR property, because you'll go insane if you don't keep yourself busy, or because all others are trying to be busy.

As she slept off singing him a lullaby, in the dark, cold, dusty night, his sparkling eyes, woken up by the silent moon, tried to find justice ... He was building up, both outside and inside ... 

You know it. I know it. Gender will die when I die. When I die, I am just a body - not a gender. But still you will categorize me - as to whether I did good, or did bad (yes, because YOU ARE THE JUDGE OF MY LIFE, RIGHT ?? ) , and you will try to bury me in "OUR-CASTE's" cemetery, I really don't have the slightest idea what the purpose behind this is. 

He was just 21. The ripest age to fall. He joined a group of people, misled by materialistic conception ... 

You know it, I know it. Language, State, Country, Caste, Religion and other TAGS of DIVISION will die when I die. Then we do not have to scold one another trying to judge an unknown language, we do not have to pinpick each other's differences owing to gender discrimination, we do not have to fight with each other based on states, we do not have to fight with each other based on country, caste, religion and other tags. Then I do not have to hit you. You do not have to hit me. Because you cannot hit me. 

He died fighting for nothing. He tried to destroy this world. He ended up destroying himself .... As he was half amputated, as he lay on the black sand, as the fumes of his fury were descending on him, he remembered his mother ... 
"Please forgive me, mom ... I do not know where you are. I do not know if you are here still ... I am sorry I left you ... But I had to do something, something for what this world had given me ... I am sorry ma ... "
His eyes lost the spark, the noises stopped, his existence faded, and the fumes of his fury covered him on his deathbed ... 

Just then a boy of 10 shouted " We won ... " ... 


Trust me, when I am gone, I am one with this Nature. I am no more categorized. Because I am uncategorizable - I am IN-DIVIDUAL. I cannot be divided, because I am the SOUL. 

One King ruled the whole Earth. 
Because his descendants were unable to rule it, they took the naturally divided continents. 
Because the others were unable to rule big continents, THEY DREW CLOSED LINES, and closed everyone's freedom, and called them "countries". 

This cosmic manifestation, Universes, Galaxies, Systems, Planets, Continents, Countries, States, Districts, languages, castes, sub-castes, sub-sub-castes, creed, northern part of India, southern part, east, west, sw, nw, ew, ns, se, ne, news, area, house, room, bed, part of bed, and now it is YOU. 

Divide, keep on dividing, because that is what you have made yourself expert in. 

Divide, till you can no more divide. 

If you have really got this properly, if you are a genuine intellectual, you will never judge and never divide anything based on what I said, and what I am going to reveal now: 

The guy hit did not know the local language. The others who hit him knew it. 

*** ***

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