The Angel of Result

I sat down on the edge of the desert and looked in my basket to see if I had anything left for my lunch. All I could find was several packages of vegetable seeds, my hammer, and a little weeding shovel. Throughout my trek through the desert, my basket of food replenished itself, but now it was all gone. I wondered how I would eat the rest of my journey to my destiny.

I closed my basket and started to walk away without it and a voice spoke through the basket, “Dniknam, you forgot something.”

I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I began again. The same voice continued, “Sir, you forgot your basket.”

I quickly turned around and didn’t see anyone and the voice seemed to be coming from my basket, so I picked it up and again continued my journey. I was nearing the edge of the desert and I could see in the distance a fertile plain with a broad river flowing through it.

Carrying my basket, I walked for several hours and it never got dark. I figured by now the sun should be setting so I stopped to sleep for a while. I was very tired and hungry.

I found a small forest of trees so I set up my camp underneath a large oak tree. It was not cold nor was it that hot so laid my weary body down on top of my wool blanket and fell asleep in seconds.

As I slept, again I had a dream. I dreamed that when I woke up from my rest, I planted seeds in a fertile area just a little ways from the grove of trees where I slept. After planting the seeds, I rested from my labors and I watched as the seeds grow before my eyes. They produced vegetables of all kinds. I then ate freely of my harvest.

In my dream, I sat in the grove of trees, my hunger fully satisfied. Then I saw someone approaching me from the opposite direction walking deliberately on the trail.
He spoke to me and asked, “Are you the Dniknam, whom I have heard of?”

I was startled when he said my name for I did not recognize this gentleman. Then I answered, “Yes, sir. I am he. Come and sit down and have some food with me. I just harvested all of this from my large garden behind you. I also have some fresh water from the spring.”

The stranger didn’t answer at first, and then he smiled and responded, “You have been working really hard. I can tell. I know you, because God sent me to talk to you. My name is Results, the Angel of Results. I can see you knew what to do with those seeds we gave you, way back when. Do you understand why you had to plant yourself a garden?”

I thought for a moment and finally said, “Well, if you are the Angel of Results…Correct me if I’m wrong, but God was trying to teach me that on the way to my destiny, that I need to concentrate on results in my life and not just sit back and wait for things to happen.”

“You are not wrong, but aren’t you worried about your son and where he is and what he is doing? I believe you have learned about trust. I can sense you trust that God is taking care of Joshua. And that you son is still on his own journey to his own destiny. Is all that true?”

“Yes, sir, I wish I knew about Joshua, but I do trust that God has his own plan for my son and me. I also trust and believe I will see my son soon, but what does all this have to do with results.”

The Angel looked over my shoulder so I quickly turned around. There was nothing there but more trees and the trail I had just traveled. Then he spoke, “Do you see that trail behind you? I’m sure you do, but what does that trail represent?”

“A lot of hard work and sweat, I suppose.”

“Yes, that’s part of it. The Angel of Work and Action taught you that. But what else?”
“Struggle, disappointments, the past?”
“Those are all part of it, as well. Sit down a min
ute and we will talk.”

In my dream, I sat down and the angel sat down. We sat under the big oak tree in the large grove of trees. The angel spoke again, “Before you started this journey what did you hope for?”

“I didn’t have much hope, but I had an opportunity to talk to another angel and he told me I could find my purpose in life, my destiny if I followed this path.”

“Can I go as far to say…that you had or have a dream? A dream to find your destiny?”
“Yes I have had many dreams…in fact I think I’m in one, right now. Ha, ha!!”

“Yes, you are…but back to the subject at hand. God has told his people throughout the centuries, that without a vision the people…that’s you and your son, and billions more…without a vision the people will parish or in modern English…die. What has driven you to walk all these days through the cold winter and into the hot dessert?”

“My…my destiny…my purpose.”

“My son, there are three things that every good story, that has a good ending, involves…Do you know what they are?”

“I’m going to assume…but you know what happens when you…Oh well, I say the first one is dream. Am I right?”

“Yes, we all need a dream. Then what do we go through to get to our dream? Is it easy? A piece of cake?”

“No, I walked through the snow and the desert. Could it be struggle?”

“Yes, Dniknam, struggle. But then when we go through struggle what happens on the other side?
“My destiny and purpose?”

“Yes, but when you win a battle, which you just came through, what happens next?”

“, I suppose. Victory?”

“Dream, struggle, and victory are all the events that happen in life as a human being. Sometimes, (and you have experienced it), at times the struggle last a long time…but eventually, you and all of mankind should have victory which is the result of the struggle.”

“Ah Ha, you are the Angel of Results…I planted the seeds and they grew…I walked through the desert and I find my destiny. But …but what now? Where is my destiny? Is there an Angel of Destiny?”

“No, not ‘a’ Angel of Destiny, but the Twin Angels of Destiny and Purpose whom you will meet soon. You have come a long way, Dniknam. Just a little longer. A few more miles and you will meet your purpose and your destiny.”

I woke up when I heard a loud noise in the distance. It sounded like trees falling to the ground. I got up, a little out of sorts and I rubbed my eyes so I could see more clearly. I watched as a huge pine tree fell to the ground just a few yards from where I stood.

I walked closer to the fallen tree to see who was chopping trees down. And there to my surprise was Joshua with the axe in his hands.

Joshua saw me the same time I noticed him. He dropped the axe and hurriedly ran toward me. We hugged each other for several minutes, we fell and rolled in the grass, and then we laughed together like we did when he was younger.

Joshua and I talked for several hours. I told him of the dreams and he told me what the angels told him. We talked of propose and we talked of destiny. We each realized that we were within days or perhaps hours of completing our journey.

The Angel of Results had visited my son and explained to him of ‘dream, struggle, and victory’. We were mentally and physically prepared to finish strong. And then we met another stranger who passed by our little grove of trees.

I called out, “Stranger, what of the journey? How is it down the trail toward our destiny?”

The stranger looked as us with a rather strange look and then he answered, “What? What are you talking about…There’s nothing back that way but struggles. I didn’t find purpose and sure the heck didn’t see destiny.” He continued to walk right by us.

I called back again, “You saw nothing of the Twin Angels of Purpose and Destiny?”

The stranger kept walking and called back as he disappeared in the distance, “Not…..a…..sign…..of…….them…..”

I looked at Joshua and he looked back. We both shook our heads. My son retrieved his axe and shovel and I grabbed the basket. Arm in arm we started again on our journey toward our purpose and destiny.

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