The Twin Angels of Purpose and Destiny

The Twin Angels of Purpose and Destiny watched us from atop a mountain cliff as Joshua and I walked by. They chatted back and forth and discussed what they were seeing. Purpose began, “I’m still a little worried about Joshua. Does he hear our whispers in his ear?”

Destiny responded, “I think he is hearing but he’s more contemplative than his father and he holds his feelings in, at times.”

“Ummm, maybe, but he has such potential. His father has a few years to live out his purpose but Joshua is still young and impressionable with many more years.”

“I thought of that too, when it comes to his destiny. He has the time to truly live the life for which he’s destined.”

Purpose flew in circles for a few seconds then landed higher on the cliff. Then Purpose began, “I have high expectations for Joshua.”

“All I know, Purpose, is that we have to do our best to give these two gentlemen hints along the way. I do believe they will listen, so let’s get to it.”

“That sounds good.”

The twin angels set a course to rendezvous with Joshua and I as we prepared to camp for the night. I was anxious to continue the journey but my son looked very contemplative.

Joshua, as he always did, set up a blazing fire to warm us in this chilly evening. We didn’t talk for some time, then finally while we were eating our meal Joshua spoke, “Dad, I’ve been thinking. First of all, Isn’t it true that my destiny could be different than yours? And that we may have different destinies?”

I thought for a few seconds not wanting to give the wrong answer to an important and thoughtful question. I answered, “My son, I have been thinking about this for some time. When you were on the other trail and while I missed you so much, I conceded to the fact that the creator may and will give you your own path to your destiny. I knew this was the way I was to go, and it looks like you are supposed to be here as well. At least for now you are here with me.”

“I believe according to the voices I am hearing, that one day soon we will come to a fork in the road. One road we lead to your destiny and I will have to choose the one road for me. I’m apprehensive because I already made one wrong choice of direction.”

“Son, do you realize that we will always be on this journey. One day you will have a family and you will lead them down this same journey to your destiny as a family. I have learned through listening and reading the black book, that we are always going to have choices and at times we decide to travel the…not so right…direction. But if we continue to listen, like you did, we will find the right road again.”

Joshua stood up and put another log on the burning embers of our fire. For a second or two, the fire all but went out. But before long, it was a blazing inferno again.

My son walked completely around the fire pit the whole time staring at the fire, and then he said, “So really our whole life is a journey to our destiny. Every day and everything we do in that day could either lead us in the right path or distract us to travel another path that may not be the best for us. But if we discover our destiny….every day and everything we do in a day should be in the game plan we have created to fulfill our destiny or we shouldn’t do it at all.”

I was blown away by what Joshua had to say. I thought back through my life and most of the time I lived not having a purpose at all for living, except surviving. I married and had a child not even considering what destiny God had placed within my reach for me and those who followed after me.

I asked myself how and what I could do today, to help me get closer to my purpose. What have I learned so far? The first Angel told me that I first need to make a decision. I had to make the choice to get off my couch and start the journey. So I did.

Direction intervened when I was on the path. That’s the day I came to the fork in the road and I had to choose whether to go to the left or go to the right. The left looked easier but I chose the right. It wasn’t easy but I learned many things. I saw my strengths and discovered my weaknesses.

I’ll never forget the incredible lesson that the Angel of Heart and Hunger demonstrated to me at the feast in the wilderness. I was so hungry for earthy food to sustain my body, but he showed me that we need to hunger and thirst after our purpose. Our destiny is something that we give our whole heart to every day and in every way.

He also illustrated to me that others will follow us on our journey. They will follow our lead on the path to greatness or on the path to defeat. Joshua, my son, was there, wanting to follow me and be like me. He watched me and followed me even when I was unaware.

In the winter of my life, Joshua and I met Action. He taught us that in order to say we are alive, we have to actually move. We learned through action and a little work, we could not only survive but we could thrive. Action everyday is essential to move toward our destiny.

Who’d have thought that a little white lie was a dent in our character, and that without character we would not have met the two headed Angel of Integrity and Trust.

Integrity taught us that living with character will give us integrity. What we say will be believed because we stand up for what is right and we don’t back down. Trust showed us that if we live our life in integrity we will be the person people can trust because we always do what we say we will do.

Without the Angel of Results what would be the purpose for life. This angel showed us that everything we do is going to produce some results whether it is good or bad. Another awakening moment came when we realized, if we only work or act, we are only working and acting. We need results so we can measure from where we’ve come from and how close we are to where we are going.

We have not been introduced personally to the Twin Angels of Purpose and Destiny but I know they have talked to me in the last few hours.

Little did Joshua and I know at the time, but the twin angels were in our midst. I was prompted to find my little black book and began to read. I looked up from my reading and Joshua was not standing near the fire. I laid down the book that was opened to Matthew, and looked for my son. He was nowhere to be found.

It was getting really dark and I was already very tired. If Joshua went for a walk, he knew how to get back, so I rolled out my bedroll and laid down to sleep. When I put my head back, I stared into the heavens and watched as the moon traveled across the night sky.

In my slumber, I saw the twin angels flying back and forth over our campsite. I don’t remember anything else until I awoke, what seemed like, hours later.

A beautiful image appeared before me. The angel spoke, “My dear, Dniknam, I am Purpose. You have learned so much these last few days, is that not right?”

My mouth dropped wide open and I could hardly speak. Finally, I was able to reply, “Yes, I guess I have. But it’s only been a few days? It seemed like a long time. I suppose you heard what I was thinking about, earlier? I’m sure you also know where my son disappeared to. But I guess you aren’t going to tell me are you?”

“Your son is safe. He’s on a mission just like you are. He’s chasing his purpose and destiny just like you are. You will see him soon. Get a good sleep tonight. You will have an incredible day tomorrow. You will meet my twin after daylight. Keep your eye on the plan and purpose and don’t get discouraged for He is with you.”

The angel disappeared leaving me to my thoughts. It wasn’t long that I fell asleep.

In the morning, the sun woke me up, appearing over the eastern horizon. Setting next to me as I got up, was an angel that was identical to the one I saw the night before. I spoke first, “May I presume you are Destiny….At least the Angel of Destiny, anyway.”

“Yes, sir, you spoke to my twin not long ago. I just came from speaking to your son, Joshua. He is doing well and he has a surprise for you.”

“He does, does he? Did he find his destiny before I did?”

“Maybe, but I’ll let him tell you the surprise. He is coming, now.”

I looked around and the angel was gone, but I didn’t see Joshua. I learned from all my angel friends not to waste time and to keeping moving, so I packed up my bedding, ate some breakfast, and started on my way. If Joshua was coming soon, he could catch up with me.

I walked for it seemed like hours and still no sigh of Joshua or an angel. I stopped for lunch by a refreshing spring that flowed straight out of the ground. I filled my water containers and washed my face.

Just for the fun of it, I search my basket to see what else I could find in this object that I have been carrying for days. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I found a brand spanking newly washed shirt and pants, so I changed my clothes.

At that minute, I wished I had a mirror to see me in my new outfit, but I didn’t. I finished my lunch, drank some cool water, and continued on my way.

I hadn’t moved three or four steps, when I noticed some people walking toward me on the narrow pathway. As they moved closer I recognized one of them, and then the other. A third person I didn’t know. My heart began to beat incredibly fast. I couldn’t move another inch.

Joshua called out to me, “Hey, Dad, I’ve got someone here that wants to speak to you, and another I want you to meet.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. There standing before me, was Joshua and a young, nice looking girl, and my beautiful wife.

Joshua spoke to me, “Dad, I heard you the other night talking about what you and I had learned from the angels. I thought about how you and Mom knew nothing about your purpose in this life. Mom always told me, she wished everything could be different and the clocks could be turned back on your marriage. She said she would have done things so differently.”

Joshua continued, “I also discovered that one of my purposes in life was to do what I could to bring you and Mom back together, to at least begin a new dialog. I would love to see you two get back together again, but that’s up to you and God. Mom wanted to come. I didn’t force her. But before you two talk, I’d like my Dad to meet my girlfriend, Mary…..Mary, this is my dad.”

It was almost too much to take in, all at one time, so we continued walking and visiting as we walked the direction of our destiny.

Purpose and Destiny hovered over us. I heard them tell me many things I can’t tell you in this little story. These two angels, and the others, are constantly in my thoughts when I lose focus even for just one day.

My son is continuing on the journey as my wife and I are. The only difference in our walk today is that we walk with purpose and we live our lives to fulfill the destiny that our almighty God has set before us.

At times, we still walk in circles and get dissatisfied with the journey, but we know the angels continue to speak to us, the black book continues to speak to us, and God is there even when we are not aware.


The journey we walk is different for each person. Your purpose and your destiny is for you alone to discover. Finding your purpose is a process like the angels who came to speak to Dniknam.

You probably won’t see angels, but the Word says you may entertain angels unawares. But continue to listen and discern and see what God has prepared for you to do.

You make decisions every day. Make sure they line up with your purpose or your life’s calling.
Constantly we need to ask God for direction. An airplane flying from San Francisco to New York need only be off by a few degrees on the compass and it would have to land in Atlanta.

Hunger can be something that drives us physically and it should also drive us toward our purpose. The Scripture says if we hunger and thirst after righteousness we will be filled. Sometimes we wear our heart on our sleeves when we should be driven by our heart to achieve our goals.

Be a person of action and don’t be afraid of hard work. The writer of Proverbs says, “Get away you sluggard.” Action and work is not the only thing but you can’t get anything done without either.

A man or woman without character is a person destined to struggle and will be ultimately be led down a destructive path, but a person of character shines brightly and everyone wants to be their friend.

The Two-Headed Angel of Integrity and Trust comes swiftly following character. You will not have character without integrity and trust quickly follows integrity. Stand tall and be a person of your word so that, man and God will say of you, “You are trustworthy.” If you are faithful with the small things, He will make you ruler of great things.

So then, we all need results. We should each have a result-oriented life and a result-oriented character. The Bible says that we will know a fruitful man or woman by the fruit that they bear, and without fruit, your tree is pruned so that it can bear more fruit.

Ultimately, we are living our life to the fullest, to accomplish the task and walk the journey of fulfilling our unique purpose. This purpose should be lived out each day that we live. Every day, inch by inch, we should be moving forward toward our ultimate destiny.

Live your Destiny!

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