Sometimes I wish that life could be a Computer screen, I could press CTRL ALT DEL and reboot it. Start from scratch , fulfill the dreams for which I always thought that I have enough time to pursue later but the time never came. Writing a book - well I was not that talented I knew and but for immense inward satisfaction writing would not provide anything else. So the project was kept in abeyance - one day may be , when I need not have to worry about Money - that day never came. To chose a stream where I would mix my profession and passion - say Astronomy , again that dilemma , when I secured a seat in Engineering at a reputed College , why to go for a unbeaten track , more so - only brilliant students can succeed in General stream, right? After all I was not that Brilliant. But now, at peak of my career, when I know how much I climbed the corporate ladder and how much I could rise further, I look back and ponder , was it really worth ? After all I will live only once and no matter what , nobody will remember me once i die . So surely I could live I way I want , without any regret! Priority gets changed with age. Experience and dream never see eye to eye, whatever Dream tries to built Experience destroys. Only advise I will give to my daughter - do not compromise on anything. Life is too short to compromise.

Tags: Philosophy

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