Love ?
what is it ?
We are all gifted with this pure feeling,
For we have an organ in which there resides the love of God!
If you love, and if you know the meaning of love,
Just do a favour to yourself,
Love is not all about getting jealous or being possessive!
Love is not just staying together all the time
Love is not just about showing care and loving every day
Love is not about hiding pains behind the smiles
But, Love it that pure feeling which is the amalgam of all these things
These small expressions combined are a sign of love, but
All above these little things, love is about true understanding, a blind faith and pure feelings!
Pure love is not concerned about trivial things like jealousy, complaints or annoyance over little things
Real and deep love forgets the ignorance of years for the exchange of love of one day!
Yes, it is true love when you are more concerned about your good times rather than counting the days of small fights and angriness
Anyone can love truly, for love is that universal feeling which is the sole reason for the creation of this universe!
But, only a few knows how to express those deep real feelings!
Instead of wasting the time in complaining against ignorance, just live the moments when you are being loved! Value the time, for the time once gone , it never returns! So, make it worth remembering, rather than making it the moment of regret.
The matters which can be resolved by the language of love, are resolved forever, for love is the most influencing language of this universe with its charismatic bonding effect!
Love, express and live! That’s what life is about!

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