A 17 year old girl, an 18 year old boy. A sweet and overwhelming "do you love me?" at midnight, and they are a couple. All promises and future plans made. She believes him. Time stretched along and two years had passed when one day, the boy dumped the girl. He reasoned it thus, "you are the root cause of all the major blunders in my life ever since we've met." She spends almost six months in hyper-tension and depression. She never complained or blamed it on to anyone else, least of all to that boy.The same girl, another boy, another "do you love me?" , another relationship. The same promises, the same future plans. The girl is a little less excited this time. She tells him of her bad relationship. He says,"Not all boys are the same." She believes him. And yes, he was actually different. All this boy is interested in, is sleaze. One fine day, he asks her to play her "duties" of being a girlfriend. She refuses, gets dumped again. She cries again, a lot. The same girl, the same tears. But she still doesn't blame anyone. After all, she was equally involved in whatever had happened.The same girl, yet another boy, yet another "do you love me?". Promises, future plans, the same. The girl is quite reluctant this time. She asks him, "Are you sure we will get married one day?" He asks her to stop worrying about the future and that he will take care of everything. She believes him. A few days later, he starts ignoring her. She cried again, begged him to respond. He didn't.She is drained of all tears and emotions.And suddenly the first boy comes back and demands it all back. And he still reasoned it almost the same way, "You are the root cause of all the blunders in my life, you have to come back."Today, she is writing this post and wondering whether "do you love me" is a kind of a bad omen! Whether she would ever be able to trust men in any way. Whether she would ever be able to look at them and not cringe. Whether she would ever be able to live for anybody else. Whether she would ever be the same self again. Whether she would ever come across "do you love me?" and not strangle the person then and there!

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