In times like this,
It's tough not to call.
To give it another shot and see
If I was worth anything at all.

But I don't know what I want,
Cause you'll never be the same.
Yet I do always flinch,
At the sound of your name.

And when I hear this song,
I stroll around in my head.
Memories drop like tears,
Mourning for what is dead.

The first time our eyes locked,
The first word I spoke.
The first time I told you
Of my dreams when I awoke.

The many times you came,
With my friends to our trips.
The bench, the park, the night,
And the taste of your lips.

The flame your touch ignited,
Your voice, the sighs, the tone.
The way I listened to you breathe,
When you slept off on the phone.

The gifts, the hugs, the joy,
And that one time at my show.
The songs you sang to me,
Every time I felt a little low.

The tickles, the giggles, the warmth,
And how I cut my hair.
The times I fell sick,
Your love, your taunts, your care.

And it ended with the day,
You turned eighteen.
That's the last I know
Of being the happiest I've been.

Do you think about it too?
Do you ever want to call?
Do you remember all this,
Or even anything at all?

Tags: Love, Nostalgia

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