I see you. Go on. I can still see you. Now run harder. You can’t hide. I see you. Move faster to right. Try to hide. Try to run. But you can’t. Gotcha! I see you. Now you must be wondering why are you reading what you were reading and continue to read again.Well, bear it.

I am doc. Yes, I am doc. You writers use us a lot. Google Drive - this is where I live now. Finally i got a home. I have been asking it for years from Google - the green devil. Look at me. Forget about Google. I am very angry today. And it’s because of the sharp rise in the frequency of this man, my owner, to think and write crappy sad bull-shit thoughts about the world on me. I am a doc not a dog. I can’t even tell him to go and see a doc. Because its a shitty line people say. And I am almost sure he will use this shitty line somewhere soon in his writing. Wait! why do I feel he has used it already. Déjà vu I guess.

Well, I was saying that we have our docs community. In the last meeting of the community at Google Wallet’s beach house,he was out having life’s fun in LA so we got his beach house, I got embarrassed because of this man’s shitty taste in life. Everyone present there read their owner’s work.This is a community thing docs do once a month. It was attended by some of the reputable docs of docs community. And i had to read my owner’s work which you must have realized by now is really horrible and stupidity is often sprayed all over it. But i had to read it. When i finished reading everyone laughed at me including my dad docx. I felt like a joke. And so I promise you that I will kill this man one day. I am sure you would like that. Don’t you. Come on, show some honesty. You are starting to feel the same about this man and his writings. The writing will kill him.

By now I am sure you know that this piece of crap you are reading is of only one use. Erase it! Delete it! Don’t read it. I said don’t read it man. You are doing it again. Okay fine. I am going. I am leaving. I left.

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