Hi all WriterBabus. I am in a dilemma. I want some suggestions, especially from the female WriterBabus. I am single and am working in a small company. I rarely have any interaction with any girl in long long time except for this one girl who works in my office. She is beautiful and charming and probably single too. We two are the first ones to come to office and its about one hour after that anyone comes. That means about one hour of us two alone in the office. We talk and talk. We talk about all random stuff but work :P.

So am obviously attracted to her and sometimes I look at her and get lost into her while talking. She caught me sometimes looking at her. Probably she knows that am attracted to her. At first I thought she will start ignoring me when she caught me looking at her that way, but it didn't happen. Instead she gave me smile and she is talking to me more and more each day.

Now when a girl talk to you, it doesn't mean anything and am not sure if she is also attracted towards me. Or is she? I need some suggestions, and if your answer is yes then what should I do next? I am a bit shy kind of guy and not very good in making a move. I am a techie and hence my people's skills too are not that good.

Am I screwed? Please help.

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