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yello fellow writers,

This is my first post on "Writer Babu".... totally excited.

its all about......cannot say.......you'll figure it out anyway. :P

. "smoking is injurious to health" an infamous line on every cigarette pack and yet we unpack it. the following article is going to be about me and me only. so please bear with me.

i smoke very rarely(literally) and that too in a group, never had the habit/courage of smoking alone. i started smoking during my graduation because of booze, here's an interesting fact, people smoke while boozing to get high, I on the contrary smoke to not get high. smoking was never a compulsion for me, months would pass by without smoking and there also have been incidents where i smoke close to around 8 or 9 cigarette in a single day nullifying the few months quota :D. and yet i fail to understand why people smoke. forget others i never used to understand why i smoke. when asked a friend of mine he said "time pass, nicotine ki adat lag jati hai na isiliye"(because of addiction to nicotine).

the last time i smoked before yesterday was long back, i can't even remember(great). {and BTW a quick FYI, i meditate, long before i started smoking} so yeah, so i didn't smoke for a long time and during this absence of nicotine from my body i was meditating(not regularly) enthusiasm was there (good enough) it was CONSTANT(let's say 65%). during this, i had couple of chances to booze and smoke but i successfully controlled.

but could not hold onto it for a long time, seeing my friends going out for a smoke i felt i had to smoke(curse the weather), i could not resist, chilly night-smoke-it was OK. this was my first after a long time, my excitement levels grew(from usual 65% to 90%) phew... i got back to my SQL prep.. 1 hour gone still focused on my SQL prep, but things started to settle down a little bit (90% to 80%) another 60 minutes , with extra guilt the levels got down to 45% :O

that made realize few things.................

i wondered, when i meditate occasionally, excitement though decent was CONSTANT. a little bit of more meditation will gradually increase(no doubt). but here on the other hand with the effect of nicotine the levels(excitement) were fluctuating badly.

then i gave it a thought, when something like meditation can give you peace, calmness, stability and most importantly not affect your health but rejuvenate the whole body and mind, then why on earth would you choose to smoke which gradually gives you nothing but dejection, uncertainty. When the affect of nicotine wears down, you end up lighting another one to refill your adrenaline but in that process you forget that its also affecting your body and mind and that's how my dear friends addiction happens.(its a vicious cycle)

here's a thing(nicotine) which not only affects our health but leaves us in despair, unholy situation (addiction) and here is meditation, which not only keeps you in best health but brings joy in your life. fortunately i was never addicted...

I made my choice, what about YOU???--------

P.S Don't sleep over it, think about it.

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