Dog is man’s best friend. This proverb suits this heading well. Caring for dogs, feeding them & playing with them helps the student to take short break from studies & refresh their brain. Studies have proved that these short breaks are absolutely necessary. Students usually spend this time by watching television or movies or surfing in the nets; however they adopt dogs & play with them during this time it brings them closer to nature & forces them to come out of their house which children rarely do. It not only prevents them from watching too much television but also makes them healthy & fit. Dogs can also insert a sense of discipline & make a child more responsible. However it is rightly said that excess of nothing is good. If a child starts neglecting her/his studies to keep a dog as a pet or if is afraid of dogs or if is too lazy or unwilling to take a dog’s responsibility then he/she is advised not to keep a dog as it should not be forgotten that dogs are also living beings and need much more care, time & patience than us.
I conclude it by saying that I whole heartedly support that student should keep dogs if are aware & prepared for the responsibilities coming with the pet.

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