Even dogs are possessive!!! No they are more possessive than the boyfreinds
There is a street dog, he was born at my place, i cared him alot like my puppy. I used to fed him bread crunches with MALAI :p , USED TO GIVE HIM my paranthas ; have got scoldings because of him. Eventualy he starting recognising me and my family
I must appreciate dogs memory they never forget their masters, he used to hide to some place v dont noe for months but one day he came back and he still reconized us.

He used to play with me with ball, clothes. and time passes by and he is a full grown up dog, One day i realized he is sad sitting alone, no freinds only sitting in shades at my place, no playing just coming and showing his love and goin back to his place.I toh love his way of showing love sleeping on my feet licking it.

And now he has adopted street pupppies he used to play with them, i am engrosed in my job, he dint get my attention, he used to get angry with me, he used to jump on me wildly just to show his anger and worst part is i used to yell as if some lion has jumped over me!!!!

I forgot this fact that everybody in this world need attention be it dog, be it your girlfriend, be it your boyfreind.......

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