Don trip instrumental

[verse 1]

3ep we be them goons
you dont wanna fuck wit us youll hear the shotgun go boom
we creepin in while you sleepin in your room
wanna talk shit well youre just a baboon

my clique too sick
we too quick
dont like us you can go suck a dick
we carry a big stick

and we use it
lifes a drug but dont abuse it
we be about that music
other rappers are so useless

what the fuck you be sayin
come at us then we aint playin
rappers and rhymes is what we be slayin
3ep is the life we wont be betrayin

fuck those who dont hang with us
fuck those who dont bang with us
fuci those who aint as strange as us
like lonleyniss said aint nobody in this cold world we can trust

i grind all the time
i grind with every rhyme
3ep time to get signed
cuz the stars have aligned

we kill time by the hour
in fear you will cower
3ep we got that power
leave you with a taste in your mouth so sour

we're cutting up that bitch
then we granny sewin that bitch
i hit the killswitch
run off in the ditch

[verse 2]

3ep we be grindin
hear that dope shit youll be rewindin
my buisness is what ill be mindin
crazy shit is what we be rhymin

flow so hot its like a baked tater
eat you up like a baked hater
you premature thats an incubator
runnin from the cops thats a fridgerator

when i get checks
i break their necks
the kind of thing you would expect
i get my tv direct

i dont know how to act
im fucked up thats a fact
aint about to sign a contract
i just wanted to say im back

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