Wakes you up at the
Middle of the night
Makes you a part of
Those endless fights

Shows you things that are
Too good to be true
Gives you tears that
Get washed with the dew

Some may see them
While some may fear
Along with those bright smile
They give you endless tears

I just saw one
And it make me sick
I know I cant chase it
And it make me feel so weak

You may say I am stupid
And even I feel the same
But with so many against it
Am I the one to blame?

I would silently kill it
And listen to my brain
I would never open my mouth
Even if it causes me death strain

Living with regrets is not easy
But I swear that I’ll try
I may lose my self- respect
But I promise that I’ll never cry

But surely years hence someday
I’ll be saying it with a scream
All my life I may have subdued it
But atleast I had the courage to DREAM!!!

Tags: Dream, Strength

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