Shadows walking through the mind,
Of many a different shape and kind.
And then the light does come,
The canvas lit by sun.
The glory of the mountain high,
That towers up to meet God's own sky.
The trees in forest over there,
Tended with foresters Love and care.

The meadows stretching ever wide,
Along this majestic countryside.
And then the fields roll down,
To the rocks known as the golden crown.
Out beyond there is but rolling sea,
And clouds that reach into eternity.
And a cottage does stand near the cliff,
Where the wind does blow cold and stiff.

Now on the canvas painted there,
A man, and a woman with raven hair.
They both stand hand in hand,
Looking out over their wild happy land.
As they walk through meadow green,
Their Love walks happy in this dream.
Journey goes on in Sea-Scape life,
To bring great joy and alleviate strife.

They now are in each others arms,
Sharing all their Loving charms.
Dreams go on forever more,
They can lead to Love's own door.
In that place where nothing is as it seems,
Paint your own canvas in the land of dreams.

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