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A huge jerk woke him up. He was sweating profoundly. “What the hell was that”? He mumbled slowly. He searched for Veronica and she was not beside him, he felt pain, a growing pain, what if something bad had happened to her. He ignored the thought and tried to search her. He ran with his shorts, he searched the living room, bathroom, where ever he could and only thing he could find was emptiness. The pain grew more, it was heavy then, he stumbled and fell on the floor. His eyes closed slowly and it was just a blur.
Sometime later…
He felt a splash of water on his face. He opened his eyes slowly and to his bewilderment it was Veronica. He touched her face all over and said “You are all fine, I was so god damn worried about you.”
The part was that Veronica was not worried, she had gotten used to his daily drama. It was not the first time. She had a plain look and just ensured him that she was ok. He got up struggling and kissed her forehead.
“I just imagine things, work load,” he said and half smiled.
“Get ready, I will put up the breakfast,” Said Veronica.
All things were not on the same place, being an investment banker; Abhay was not just an employee but a way different mutant. His mates never understood him; his unimaginable uncanny behaviour was out of the box for them.
He was in his cabinet. He was drawing a strange figure, colour red on his notebook. He stopped it suddenly when he found out that his secretary was entering. She knocked.
“Mr.Pandey wants a meeting for you.” She said writing her notes.
Abhay curved his eyebrows. “Tell him that I won’t be available.”
“Ok fine then what reason should I give him.” She was playing with her hair.
“Nothing,” he said plainly.
“Nothing?” she asked doubtingly. “That’s all I have to say.”
“Yeah, that’s all, just tell him that I won’t be available.” He said angrily.
“Ok,” she started to leave when he called her back. She had worn a red shirt and blue jeans.
“ Seema?”
“Yes sir?”
“Don’t ever wear that outfit again.” He said smilingly as if ensuring that he was fine with her.
“Excuse me?” She gave away a confused look.
“Just don’t wear it ever again.” He said and looked aside.
She left with a fringe.
He started to stare at the strange figure that he had drawn on the note book. The red color seemed to boil, it took a shape of key, and there was a monster. The words started to hit him.


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