We are made of love . We always think that if i had someone who cared about i would have done more for him. We always love people who are sycophants and who care for us. We always try to share our feelings with someone but everything left us disgusting and in anguish.
I want to ask you one-thing can't we stand alone and can't we fight this world alone. Do you need friends , Do you need people who love or Do you need someone to always accompany you. Start thinking positively and stop being demon and stop thinking that someone has backstabbed you . The more you think about it the more you will loose. You really don't want to fight with this world are you? . Thats why you keep thinking you are alone. You are an angel and I have seen you. You have got every power , every strength so stand up.

I know its difficult to find what we want to become in life but if you really lost your hope then start thinking something else apart from this person whom you waited for nine years. Stop worrying , stop caring about people. Just talk randomly with anyone. Never hope to loose him and never hope to love him because this way you will never loose anyone.

Change the place , Go for higher studies or go and find someone, date again someone but love yourself baby . I want you to love yourself. Please and please and please

Tags: Love, Short Story

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