Yes drop this R,
From your life,
You will be happy,
Trust me you will be happy,
You will not even win all battles,
But also you will have more friends(innumerable),
Thats the fundamental of your life,
Friends and Friends and Friends,
Do i make it clear yes just friends,
Keep them in your heart,
Yes now you have more people to love,
Yes love them,
Because love them,
I am not ashamed of myself
of not having friends,
But yeah i will fight,
for those who have none,
Yes i have no friends,
But i will fight for those,
who are alone like me,
I don't love what god made me
But i love what you made me now,
Yes i don't love you anymore,
Its just the thought which arrives,
Yes you deserve the harmony
and Stop giving hats off
do you get it?

Yes you have every right to "move on" and please stop crying for the god sake because he doesn't want you to cry for some unworthy, stupid, helpless, ignorant, and ofall yes keep your friends always . Yes and stop abusing me, For the god sake . You have done all.....

Of all you have moved on.

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