A bit fascinating but the truth lies somewhere in the fields of Punjab where a large amount of drug is being produced annually. It could be considered a great menance for the present life and society where not only adults but also teenagers are involved in this corpulent crime.
The addiction to drugs is one of the most serious and troubling problem of the younger generation. The problem of this addiction to drugs is having such an effect on the modern society that these days it is seen vary often that many lives are suffering from death and other life snatching diseases. And if there is no death concerned still in several cases life becomes more miserable than death itself. Under the influence of drug addiction life seems to be getting stopped and collapsed. Moreover, a more serious concern is that this is not just the problem faced only by the person suffering from drug addiction but the fact is that the relations and the friend circle of the person also have to suffer a lot of problems because of this problem of addiction. Besides in a broader concept the addiction to drugs makes the whole society to suffer as well.
It is often seen that the excessive pressure of work, the stress and tension that a person have to take on whole day makes him feel the need of some relief and therefore, they seek the help of some drugs. Even if some people are not addicted to illegal drugs it is seen that they depend on the prescription drugs so much that it gradually grows into their addiction problem. In fact more that the illegal drug addiction the addiction to prescription drugs is becoming a serious threat to the society.
And because of this problem of drug addiction it is seen that whenever any one goes for an interview to seek a job he is asked to go through a drug test by the authority. These days it has become a very common phenomenon that almost in every company before recruiting an employee the recruiters arrange a drug test to confirm the applicant’s nature and addiction to drugs.
And for that reason it becomes much essential for the companies to know whether the person they are going to provide employment to is not under the influence of any sort of drug addiction . Besides that as there is the possibility for the employees to get addicted to drugs even after their employment therefore these companies also conduct periodical drug tests on their employees so that they can be sure of the fact that their employees have not taken to drug addiction after their employment.
Besides global warming and providing security to women ,goverment should also think of tackling this devil's medicine.

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