During d morning, attending a lecture,
Sitting on a bench, I look around,
I can see through d window pane d beautiful nature,
& in d class all types of various activities I found

Some f d students r constantly gossiping,
While some r deeply involved in drawing a picture.
Some others r busy in chatting & texting,
Some r thinking of bunking d next lecture

Some r reading interesting novels,
While some r creating unique fashion designs..;)
Other r fantasizing about the world’s marvels,
Or practicing different types f signs.

Then there are some who are sincere but r very few,
Who r continuously taking notes n paying attention.
D class is full of students old and new,
While d teacher is writing on d board n giving some explanation

There r also those who r least interested,
Of whats going in d class or whose taking d lecture,
Sitting on d last benches, they r irritated,
Still some r sleeping peacefully ignoring d teacher

Several r having fun singing n laughing,
By playing pranks n throwing paper-balls at each other
While few r singing songs in class n r disturbing,
Others r lost deep in thoughts f sum1 or d other

All of a sudden d bell rings,
& i soon realize d class has cum 2 an end,
maybe due to student’s wish and god’s blessings
& I wish like this all lectures we could spend :) :)

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