In the twilight of the breathless city
stretching noisy labyrinth of streets
We walk together, just you and me
in dreamlike place, between the walls
of buildings, windows witnesses of wars;

The voices of the market are around,
and hungry looks of crowd in the shadow
but all I feel is my hand in yours, my heart.
We walk in silence in this darken place
my dreams start to appear again in vision
I remember you and me in Al Azhar park
while walking proudly next to you
in sparkling white as your devoted bride -
your look was ahead and staring so strict
my eyes were directed only to your face...
remember how we roam in Giza, admiring
the Pyramids with their enormous forms,
and looking in each others eyes, as if
all tourists disappeared like a desert dust.

My dream was so clear and so light,
but your memories are now in the past.
You can`t remember them, as they
never really happened, my sweetheart.

{© n.nour}

{this poem is dedicated to my love A.N.}

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