It was Eiffel and I.

It was Eiffel in Murmurs,
In Murmurs,
In Murmurs all over...,
Thanking Clouds!.,
As Rainy Day Paving Way,
I was On Cloud Nine Out of a Clear Sky.

Summoned!. in Marvel, Astounding in Front,
Muffled and Dazzled, Gigantic than Imagined,
Standing Tall no Matter What,
Chasing me as I Walked,
Beaconing and Charming,
It was Eiffel,
It was Eiffel,
It was Eiffel, All Along.

Towering Sky, reaching High,
Dizzy and Giddy, treading Top,
Grasping and Gazing, the tiny Creeks,
OH, On Earth!!!, Man As Ants,
As Creepy As it Meant,
Crushing my Ego,
Ego to the Core,
Chaperoning the Morals...,
The Morals of my Life,
Relieving me, from the Clogs...,
The Clogs of a Busy Life,
It was Eiffel,
It was Eiffel,
It was Eiffel and I.

No Wonder, It was a Wonder,
The Wonder I wondered,
The wonder of Wonders,

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