I am starting an experience of life time which happened with me on this last Sunday of August. It’s said monsoon bring lot of joy all together apart , but in this season the way the fire burns in our heart is worth mentioning .

Last night sleep was in the sky and I just continuously staring throughout, sometimes I changed position from left to right sometimes right to left on bed as if I was waiting just to clock 5.45 am as soon as possible. That was the time I got from you to wake you up.

Clock was there with me I called and eventually you also picked the phone soon as if you also wanted to passed your sleep on your eyes.

After morning chores I started walking to a journey of junction where I was supposed to meet you. Thoughts were completely blank but heart was tinkling .

You also started from the other side on your car, and on the flyover at Railway crossing your car just got the brake to pick me up.

You were just looking gorgeous, with sparking eyes and most beautiful smile. It was the cloudy morning and over above angel like female with me.


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