Surrounded in a vast sea of emerald
As I quietly observe what lay about me,
I feel as strong a connection as I would
With anyone I know on the most personal of levels.
Truly, this is where I am meant to be,
At least on my most primal impulses;
Away from modern conveniences.
Within the ocean of trees I stand,
A living island,
Taking in the the beauty
and the contrast between
the shimmering green
Of the pines and the oaks,
and the immense folds of the darkening clouds
That soon shall be upon me.

I breathe the air
That is now growing thick with anticipation
As the clouds loom ever nearer.
Many memories are awoken from my mind,
and as I stand motionless
For the briefest of moments,
I wonder
How many have shared in moments
Such as this.
How many have experienced what I feel
In this one frame of time?
How many have been here before me?
With a brief exhale,
I conclude my visit
and cast my stare once again
To the giants of the forest
That stand outstretched
Waiting for the sky to let loose
It's showers upon them.

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