Emotional upheavals are such a bore.
They make you heave, huff and puff...
They make you angry and sad,
Or quiet and depressed.

They sap so much energy.
You could power your house with it!
They make you think,
Of all sorts of crap;
That you wanted to forget in the first place.

You burn, you cry..
You heave and you sigh.
You become a tempest, roaring and going high.
Till you come to an island,
That's all calm and quiet.

Then you want that all.
All that silence and acceptance.
But find it hard to let go..
"Why? Why should I let go?"
"How do I let go?"

You don't ask for help!
You just can't anymore..
You want this to end,
But there's no end in sight.

Those who are strong,
Take the hint and understand.
To forgive themselves,
And to let the past go.

Others who aren't,
Have it the worst.
With no respite in sight,
Take the easiest way out.

Emotional upheavals are such a waste of time..
It doesn't matter who you are,
What your caste is,
What your social standing is,
It doesn't leave anyone alone..
Thank God for that!
Or I would have had another fit
Raging all over again ;)

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