Sometimes I feel lost, and other times I feel as if I have conquered the world.
At times the laughter is not in my control and other times the tears can't be held in my eyes.
When I am sad, I wanna know how to overcome it, but when my lips are busy laughing and screaming in happiness, then I don't feel there's any problem with me.
I don't wanna say be happy, I would like to say 'be the emotion of yours'. God has made me to be human, so why sometimes do I try to become the god? Why do I try to conquer my feelings? Do I wanna show off to the world with my smiling face, or do I wanna take my perfect click? Why do I need the smiling face?
Because the whole world wants to see my shining teeth and not the salty water falling down my cheeks. I won't do injustice with myself just to comfort them.........

Tags: Thoughts.

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