My heart is full of emotions in this emotionless world where very few respect your emotions and feelings.People judge you on their past. If you have experienced something bad in your past that doesnt mean that you will stop taking chances in life, rather by this time you are more experienced on the knowledge. Heart and brain the two characters in my life that creates all problems in my life.



Few days before i have got some feelings and emotions for one of my friend and i have expressed that to the friend indirectly and she undertood the thing but from the very next day her behaviour for me got changed totally. And that was something very unacceptable for me as i became habituated to keep her always close to my heart. My emotions are so strong that it made my life unbalanced. I kept thinking that how to bring back normal everything.The next night i tried to sleep but i couldn't beacuse so many things were going through my mind.When you have emotions overflowing through your heart and brain at the same time and at that moment you start thinking whether it will happen or not, whether i have done it right or wrong, whether the time to express my feelings was correct or not, you cannot keep yourself calm and cannot relax and that happened with me that night. My emotions are on high and they are not finding any way as she has closed the doors to flow from my heart to her, my body and myself was out of control. Finally, i beacame so restless and so impatient that i want to talk to her at that very moment and i want to meet her at that hour of the night but nothing was under my control. With time, my whole body started shivering like anything and i started feeling different sensations in my whole body and that sensations were nothing but the emotions that cudnt find their way, they were affecting me from inside. You cannot feel better until and unless you channelise our emotions to any other way. At last when i was helpless, i started crying and cried so hard that i can feel that my inner soul is also crying with me. After crying for some time, my emotions came at rest and i feel relaxed and felt better.

That day, i come to know that sensations are just the emotions' voice from your inner body when they dont found the right way to flow and the sensations depends upon the strength of emotions that you have in your heart for a person.

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