You wait for hours to meet someone. You wait for days and months to meet that special someone in your life. You wait for long years. That someone whom you loved since your teen. That someone with whom you had spent some of the best moments of your life. Someone whom you tried to forget but just could not!
And finally the hour arrives. You dress up in your best attire. You leave no attempt to look good.

That moment when your eyes embrace that special someone. That smile your lips fail to resist. Your heart-beat increases all of a sudden and all the rest of the world fades away from your life frame. All you see is those beautiful eyes and those strands of hair moving over her face with the flowing wind. Everything goes still. Everything but your throbbing heart and the cool wind. You feel you can just stand and stare for the rest of your life without any issues at all. You feel beauty all around you. You forget all your wounds and heart-aches and the vicious struggle-for-existence. Your mind goes calm and thoughtless. You feel peace within...absolute peace.

You spend hours with her. Hours that seem to pass faster than seconds. Seconds...that you wish to freeze for ever. You so badly wish to live your whole life and even more in those passing moments. These are the moments you have been waiting for years. At times you try to hide your excitement but the very next moment you go all open. 'Cause you start believing that keeping your emotions private does no good to you. You start believing that nothing actually matters to you and so there is no point in trying to hide yourself. You lose all control over your mind and your self. And those are the moments when you behave the way you really are.

As the day nears its end, you feel like losing a part of you with every passing minute. Your heart sinks. You want to shout and cry out loud and ask the universe to pause. Within, you actually plead time to stop. You feel so powerless. Tears flow involuntarily. You feel like losing every single thing you ever had. You feel all naked and lost. You gradually come to still and she crosses you. She looks back and waves at you. You try to smile but you fail terribly. Frustrated, you shout, "Please don't go!". She keeps moving, leaving you behind. She keeps looking back at you until you are lost from her line of sight. She keeps moving, leaving you behind with the bunch of memories. Memories...that are gonna engross you for a good number of days and a good number of nights. would trade your life for. You look down and you realize that you just cannot stay in your fantasy world for ever. You cannot be that fortunate. You look up to the heavens and close your eyes, and with heavy heart you walk back.

May be this was the last time you met her. May be the next time you meet her, if at all you meet, she will be a mother to two beautiful kids. May be you are never gonna see those eyes again in this life time. May be you are never gonna see that smile again before your eyes. For you know that you have lost her, for ever.
And years from now, when you sit solitarily with your walking stick by your side, you heave a sigh of contentment for you have tried your best to communicate your love. You remember the days when you first met her and the ways you tried to please her and win her heart. And you smile at your self. That is the way life goes!
Nothing stays for ever. You can't help it. That is the way life goes, dude!

And when half the world
Dreaming of the European alps,
Rejoiced the winter slumber,
Wept he alone in the corner of his heart
Remembering the days, ere his heart was dead. . .

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