It all happened that day when my life was upside down. The day when things looked like zero. Yeah everybody faces this moment atleast once in their life.

Death was more easy than to bear that pain. It was that moment which disturbs both sleep and life. Yes, I was undergoing the pain of my failed LOVE. I could see a complete darkness.

A girl who was brought up with lot of comforts and kindness had fallen in Love with a person who was completely opposite to her. She kept loving inspite of his negative’s and rejection’s. At last she gave up..... this was the final day of her misery…. Yes… She had decided to quit.. It’s the death.. Finally she was all ready to face it. But she didn’t get the enough strength to do it. Something stopped her…….. What’s that?????

It’s the same Love… But this time Love towards her parents. She wanted to live. But she wasn’t able to live. She missed the moments she had created in her imagination. Even though it was difficult for her, she had a strength to bear. That strength was so strong that she finally pulled off all her miseries and converted them to positive energy. This strength was something unique.


Lets know what that strenght is all about.


It was an ever ending bond...................... The bond, that I created in my heart for a person.. Even though he was not familiar to me.

Well, let me clarify this.... I had not found a new guy in my life. But I had found my brother…  One of the most sacred and respectful relationship in the world. I made him my life and I finally became so much attached to him that my every special moment was with him. I started enjoying inspite of the pain.

Why does some people get so much bonded within a fraction of second??? I have still no answer to this question. All I know is that I found a lovely brother.

The happiness created a new aroma in my life. Everytime I see him smile… My heart is relaxed. My heart says.. Don’t worry your bother is there for you. Now I am more and more concerned about him. I generally keep busy so that I don’t get unnecessary thoughts. My only busy work would be to get along with him and my dearest sister either by talking to them or fighting with them. She is like a medicine to me. Without these two people in my life…. I don’t think I would not be having this wonderful life.

His words matters a lot to me. He is my everytime and anytime favourite person. I share things freely with him. He is more like a happy man. Just by staying with him, I feel special and great.

Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have met that person with whom I fell in love with. But on the other side I happy for this unforgettable pain.. because I got my little brother who may not be the best person but he truly a perfect person one could ever have. Simplicity is his identity. Never fights much or argues with me rather he understands me and cares me like a dad. He protects me and tries his best to give me everything that I require. He recognizes my pain immediately and rushes at what ever condition he might be into.. that’s his greatness… I just Love him for this character.

I got the best gift from him on this birthday of mine.  Of the many gifts that I received, the best gift was spending his precious time with me. No one could ever buy that time for me. Time is the most costliest than the precious Kohinoor Diamond. I had this silent sadness on my birthday…. Its that…. Why do I have such a simple and loving heart.. Why does it love someone very much ?? That’s when I realized that I have the answer for every question I have........ Yes, Its because of people around me. People around me are happy, caring and loving.

I am most luckiest person to have found such great souls around me.

All thanks to such a wonderful soul of both my brother and sister. Words are never enough to describe what these two people are for me. Every single day I am spending would be worthless without thanking them.

Thank you Lotus Bangara

Thank you Kothi.

Thank you mom and dad.

Thanks may not be sufficient. Yet you all deserve it.

Specially thanks for my little little bro alias Lotus Bangara alias parrot nose...

Everyone say that their dad is their first hero. But for me.. My brother is my first hero....

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